Contractor Awards (CWC) has four different awards a contractor can earn.

  1. Character Award
  2. Decade Award
  3. People's Choice Award
  4. Contractor of the Year Award

The primary award is the Character Award. This is the symbol that will communicate to consumers that this contractor has character. The four possible awards are displayed at the bottom of the character award with stars. Each star represents a commendation that contractor has received. So, for example, a contractor who has the Character Award symbol on the website with four stars at the bottom of the coin shows that this is a four star contractor. Four stars is the highest rating given to any contractor by CWC. It means that this contractor has character, has been in business for at least a decade, has won the People's Choice award, and has won the prestegious Contractor of the Year award.

Investigative TV Shows Agree

For years, investigative tv shows have been using a hidden camera to see which heating and air conditioning contractors have character and those that don't. ABC, NBC, and CBS have all done investigative television shows right before summer hits to show people how many bad contractors are out there and warning them to do some research before calling.